Artelia is the result of a merger between Coteba and Sogreah, finalised on 30 March 2010. Artelia’s goal is to build an international multi-specialist engineering firm able to offer its clients in the public and private sectors an original approach to engineering, project management and consultancy that meets the expectations of a fast-changing world.

Artelia conducts its assignments in nine markets: building construction, water, environment, energy, maritime, urban development, transportation, industrial facilities and multi-site projects.artelia-group

A notable feature of 2014 was the introduction of a new system of governance with the arrival in early January of Benoît Clocheret as the group’s CEO.

Artelia, an international multi-specialist engineering firm

Artelia draws on its invaluable human capital and has made of its human resources a fundamental value and a priority in terms of investment. The Artelia project is attracting new talent, and more than 3,350 associates are now deploying the group’s skills throughout the world.

Artelia offers a range of business lines and markets that complement each other perfectly. This broad range of services incorporating all the know-how that can be harnessed within Artelia meets the expectations of numerous clients.

Artelia relies on highly complementary networks of offices across France and around the world, placing it in close contact with its clients more than 90 locations worlwide.

Artelia benefits from an extremely healthy financial situation and significant capacity to invest and grow.

Lastly, Artelia’s teams share a common set of values and the same professional ethics. These form the basis of the Group’s strong commitment to its social and environmental responsibilities when carrying out its proect assignments.