Construction of a nunnery

for Thigspa

Providing support to the Tungri nunnery in the context of its project to improve its environment.

The Thigspa association was created in February 2012. “Thigspa” means “drop of water” in Tibetan. It refers to the “travels of a drop of water”, like Caroline’s trip through Asia, between March
2004 and December 2005. During this journey, she discovered the Zanskar region, its inhabitants and the Tungri nuns.

In 2012, Caroline decided to propose that nine nuns should accompany her on a voyage of discovery to India. She made a film of this voyage, called “Semeuses de joie” (Sowers of Joy). The
idea for this film took root after her encounter with these Buddhist nuns in Zanskar, a Himalayan valley at 3700 m in altitude. The nuns had not had much education and some of them had never left
their mountains. Caroline promised them that, together, they would discover India, their country of origin. The film tells the story of their friendship, the fulfilment of this dream and its repercussions.
It is a tribute to the exceptional heart of eleven women with a contagious joy. It also shows the stark difference between their isolation during Himalayan winter and the modern, globalised lifestyle of India, between happiness and acquisition of knowledge, etc.

Caroline RIEGEL is an engineer specialising in hydraulic structures at Artelia. She has worked on dam construction projects in the Gabonese virgin forest, in the Montagne Noire area (France), in
Quebec, in Moghol Lahore (Pakistan), and in the south of Ecuador in 2013.

In 2011, she completed a one-year assignment in South Sudan with the International Red Cross, working as a hydraulics engineer.

In Zanskar, she gave lessons for 6 months (maths, science and English) at Tungri state school. She is a member of the RBM association and has been on three field assignments to monitor and develop their projects in Zanskar and Ladakh, her professional timetable having been adapted as a result.

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