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Project Emmaüs Alternatives – France

Aim and context of the assignment

The Emmaüs Alternatives association promotes social integration, by providing a day centre, an accommodation centre, therapeutic apartments, and a work integration social enterprise in the form of a textiles workshop. The particularity of this association is that it encompasses both social and socio-professional integration, enabling it to tailor its assistance closely to the individual needs of those who are least able to fend for themselves. Based in Montreuil in eastern Paris since its creation in 1991, the association has a strong local base in the city’s eastern suburbs, where its day and accommodation centres are located, in conjunction with its social enterprise workshops and the seven shops selling products made there and located in central Paris and in Saint-Mandé (also in the eastern suburbs).

The assignment

Production of a “Programmed Accessibility Agenda” (required by a government ordinance for the implementation of mandatory disabled access improvement works) on facilities subject to public building regulations serving various purposes: the accommodation and day centres, the social enterprise workshop and the shops. Public buildings concerned by the programme:

– Shops selling clothes and small objects, with the following surface areas:

  • 22 Bd Beaumarchais – 75011 PARIS: approx. 90 m²
  • 54 rue de Charonne – 75011 PARIS: 93.77 m²
  • 105 Bd Davout – 75020 PARIS: 122 m²
  • 121 Bd  Davout – 75020 PARIS: 67 m²
  • 35 rue Quincampoix – 75004 PARIS: 91.39 m²
  • 74 rue Turbigo – 75003 PARIS: 120 m²
  • 11 avenue Joffre – 94160 Saint-Mandé: 65 m²

Technical details : The main entrances to most of these shops are single glazed doors. They do not have access ramps since they open directly on to the street. The shop on 105 Bd Davout is the only one wide enough to allow wheelchair access, but the narrow spaces between the shelving units inside the shop cause difficulties for disabled people.

–  Head office: 22 rue des Fédérés – 93100 MONTREUIL: approx. 350 m² (ground floor + 2 storeys – 1st floor and converted attic space)

Technical details : The entrance door is wide enough to enable disabled people to access the reception area to collect mail or take advantage of the food bank, which are located on the ground floor. On the other hand, they cannot access the social workers’ meeting rooms since these are located on the first floor and can only be reached via a staircase.

– Day centre: 15 bis rue de Stalingrad – 93100 MONTREUIL: 150 m²

Technical details : Access is more difficult because the door is narrow and the services on offer are at the bottom of a small flight of steps. A ramp is available, but its incline is not suitable for wheelchairs.  

Skills-based sponsorship requested

Expertise in the field of disabled access assessment and regulations + construction economics (for costing the works) is requested.

Estimated number of days: approx. 6-7 days (may be spread over several weeks)

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