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Are you an executive, or a senior executive ?

Do you have experience of the working world and a professional network ?

Would you like to participate in a programme that embodies strong values ?

By giving a few hours of your time, you will change the course of a young graduate’s life. You will enable them to acquire the fundamental knowledge required to work in a company, to fine-tune their job-search techniques, and help them build their own professional network. In practical terms, you will help young graduates enhance their career plan and, above all, build the confidence and self-assurance they often lack when they apply for jobs.

When you mentor a recent graduate, you contribute to improving social cohesion. You give an extra helping hand to the mentees, who are already supervised by the association, and will also find it a source of personal satisfaction. The relationship established along the way offers a wealth of learning opportunities for the youngster and the mentor alike.

What is the mentor’s role ?

  • Shape their mentee’s career path and improve their job-seeking resources (CV and covering letter)
  • Help their mentee understand corporate codes
  • Rebuild their mentee’s self-confidence
  • Coach their mentee for job interviews
  • Tap into his/her own professional network

15 Artelia staff members have already asked to become mentors! Why don’t you join them !

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