Project Désir d’Haïti – Haiti

for Désir d’Haïti
Project Désir d’Haïti – Haiti

Aim and context of the assignment

DESIR D’HAITI  is a French association carrying out long-term actions in Haiti to promote friendship and development by:

– Supporting projects instigated by FONHSUD (Haitian fund to promote local development in the Sud department) targeting farming communities in the south of the country;

– Seeking the funds required to develop the projects;

– Backing initiatives to bolster local democracy;

– Carrying out actions to raise awareness of Haiti:

– Participating in International Human Solidarity Days;

– Organising cultural events (Carnival, exhibitions, shows, etc.)

 The assignment

Chantal is one of the 18 communes in the Sud department of Haiti. The area concerned by the project, Mathieu, forms part of the first section. Mathieu has 15 localities with a population of 2108 inhabitants, divided into a total of 323 families.

Mathieu is facing problems relating to the scarcity and poor quality of drinking water, which is a major concern for its communities. Diseases caused by using contaminated water are widespread. The inhabitants use the water in spite of its poor quality, because they have no alternative.

In the local culture, the women and children have the arduous task of slipping into hazardous building sites in search of this precious resource.

Given these conditions, urgent intervention is needed to bring about some degree of improvement in quality of life for the inhabitants of these 15 localities.

A “Work Café” was organised in Mathieu and the community members agreed to participate in the drinking water supply project (involving either rehabilitating the tapping structures on the spring in Mathieu or drilling a borehole), according to their abilities.

The assignment requested of the ARTELIA FOUNDATION consists in identifying the best solution – using the existing spring or drilling a borehole – and in writing a technical report to be used by the contractor selected.

Skills-bases sponsorship requested

2 people (engineer/hydraulics technician/urban hydraulics specialist in tandem) over 7 days

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