Renovation of a convent

for Enfants du Mékong


Since 1958, Enfants du Mékong has been helping children in SE Asia.

Nearly 22,000 children have been sponsored and 60,000 children supported so that they can thus receive an education. Enfants du Mékong supports the implementation of around 100 development projects per year (schools, wells, etc.) and manages 9 centres and 77 hostels.

60 international volunteers, the Bambous, are send into the field for assignments lasting at least a year to monitor the NGO’s various projects.

Enfants du Mékong  works in 7 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and China.
 TITLE OF PROJECT : Renovation of a convent accommodating 100 nursery school children.

LOCATION : Kawthaung, Myanmar.

PEOPLE CONCERNED : 100 nursery school children, the three sisters of the congregation and dozen nursery school teachers living in the building.


In Kawthaung, in the extreme south of Myanmar, three sisters of the Saint François-Xavier congregation operate a nursery school attended by 100 children. Kawthaung is separated from the town of Ranong in Thailand by a stretch of sea. It takes just 30 minutes to go to the “other side” and many parents who go and work in Thailand do not hesitate to leave their children for several days with the sisters. The convent is a large building erected 30 years ago in order to house the dozen nursery school teachers, the children during their siesta and when they stay for a few days. The entire ground floor has thus been fitted out as dormitories and play rooms.

The 2-storey building is now in a very poor state. The concrete has badly deteriorated, the ceilings are flaking, reinforcement bars are exposed, etc. The congregation wishes to renovate the building as it represents a serious danger but they do not know how to go about it. For the time being they are building an emergency extension to move the children’s dormitories on a temporary basis.

The congregation needs civil engineering expertise and an inspection of their building, advice on the technical possibility of renovating it and a budget before undertaking any works.

Finally, if renovation is possible, financial help from Artelia in carrying out the works would be very welcome.


Deadline : As quickly as possible

Estimated number of days : 7 days on site

Profile sought : Civil works technician/civil engineer

Conditions : All assignment costs fully covered (rental of equipment, transport, accommodation if necessary, meals, etc.). Time taken as paid leave, RTT or unpaid leave

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