Dominique Combe, Director, Risks & Auditing

Dominique Combe

Director, Risks & Auditing

In 1982, having just obtained my engineering degree, I joined the Irrigation and Drainage Department of Sogreah, where I had carried out my final-year internship. The distinguishing feature of irrigation projects is that they combine multiple disciplines related to earth, water and, above all, knowledge of the projects' final beneficiaries.

That was the start of a long and rewarding career during which I crossed paths with many experts from Sogreah and then Artelia, and discovered many different cultures and expectations throughout the world. After a year of work I was invited to become joint manager of our subsidiary in Madagascar, where I stayed for a good ten years.

That unique experience left me "hooked" on international development projects and led to opportunities to continue my career by being involved in managing and developing the Group's subsidiaries around the world. I have also experienced this commitment to projects in many different fields through the Artelia Foundation, having being involved in creating it and been a member of its Board of Directors since the outset.