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Computers for underprivileged children

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COVID-19 Action

Underpriviliged children face an insurmountable challenge in the midst of COVID-19: continuing to learn without access to school and lacking necessary parental support. For young adults, it's not much better: without access to proper support, it becomes especially difficult for them to prepare internships, work-study programs, or their professional integration.

Break Poverty Foundation has partnered with Emmaus Connect and the Mentoring Collective to provide laptops and/or tablets, as well as temporary internet connections, as an emergency response for 10,000 underprivileged young people who would otherwise not have acces, enabling them to follow school programs, connect with their mentors and peers, and benefit from the support and training available on the learning platforms.

Paris - France
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Between April and June 2020

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Computers for underprivileged children
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