Food pack distribution in Manila

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COVID-19 Action

Thanks to the Artelia Foundation's COVID-19 Emergency Fund, Concordia Children's Services has created a food storage and distribution system for families heavily impacted by the effects of the COVID crisis. 120 families in Manila benefited from the food packs, which consisted of rice, canned food, dried fish and fresh vegetables. The packs were distributed by the association's employees and volunteers while respecting the country's social distancing measures.

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Between April and June 2020

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Food pack distribution in Manila
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Concordia Children's Services is a humanitarian organizations based in the Philippines whose mission is to ensure the well-being and health of impoverished families living in urban areas. Through the development of social support programs, food aid, housing and educational assistance, the association accompanies orphans and victims of neglect to get out dangerous or unstable situations. Concordia currently supports 124 children and 18 babies.

The organization is accredited by the Philippine government and by the Philippine Committee for the Certification of Non-Governmental Organizations.