Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Structural, energy and drainage audit of the centre of Trea village

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La mission a consisté à réaliser :

  • Un audit de l'installation d'assainissement existant (préconisations de solutions incluant énergies renouvelables et estimations financières),
  • Une expertise de la structure des bâtiments et de la solution retenue par l’association.

L'association a rénové les bâtiments désuets du site par : 

  • Drainage suite à de nombreuses inondations sur le site (la situation actuelle s'aggrave en raison de l'urbanisation croissante des alentours). 
  • Structuration des bâtiments et de leurs fondations 
  • Etude énergétique : installation de panneaux solaires sur les toits de certains bâtiments. 

In October 1995, during a humanitarian assignment in Cambodia, Christian and Marie France des Pallières discovered the horror of Phnom Penh waste dump. Hundreds of children live and work at the dump, and eat waste. The couple immediately decided to "do something". 

Their adventure began in the spring of 1996, feeding about twenty children right next to the waste dump. They were given a bed in a rented house, which soon became cramped. Before long hundreds and then thousands of little waste pickers were being saved.

Each time the couple came up against an obstacle, they found a way to overcome it in the sole interest of the children.

Nearly 6500 children are now receiving care in the form of food, healthcare, schooling, and occupational training. With proper training a real qualification they will be well equipped to embark on their working life.
But there are still many children left by the roadside who need to be saved…    

LOCATION: No. 402, Trea Village, Sangkat Steung Meanchey, Khan Meanchey Phnom Penh 3 – Cambodia
POPULATION CONCERNED: 565 children in the area concerned
BENEFICIARY INVOLVEMENT: joy, whatever the circumstances
FINANCIAL PARTNERS: 100% funded by private partners; 72% has been found to date

Phnom Penh - Cambodia
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Structural, energy and drainage audit of the centre of Trea village
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