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Training for teams and beneficiaries of Enfants d’Asie programmes in Cambodia

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Enfants d’Asie is offering the Artelia Foundation a number of skills-based sponsorship assignments consisting in providing training for the association's teams in Cambodia and the beneficiaries they are supporting.
These training courses will enable the teams and beneficiaries to gain new cross-disciplinary skills. For the teams, the objective is to improve beneficiary monitoring and project management and make work easier for everyone through the sharing of best practices and skills, especially in the field of IT.
For the beneficiaries, most of whom are in higher education, these courses will provide opportunities to gain new skills that will make them better equipped to join the jobs market. Indeed, although these students are highly motivated, the higher education courses they are taking will not necessarily give them an advantage on the increasingly competitive Cambodian employment market.     

Enfants d'Asie is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1991 with the objective of helping children from underprivileged backgrounds in South-East Asia to build a better future. It operates in Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam, where it meets the basic needs of the children it assists (nutrition, housing, medical supervision and disease prevention, and emotional support). It prepares them to move into working life by providing schooling and higher education programmes (both academic and vocational).    

POPULATION CONCERNED: The salaried teams of Enfants d’Asie (both local and expatriate), and the underprivileged children supported by the association  
BENEFICIARY INVOLVEMENT: Participation in the training activities 

Phnom Penh - Cambodia
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Training for teams and beneficiaries of Enfants d’Asie programmes in Cambodia
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