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ZumBimbi: A daycare for children of COVID victims

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COVID-19 Action

In response to a request from the City of Milan, La Cordata created ZumBimbi, an emergency daycare center for the children whose parents have been hospitalized with COVID-19. ZumBimbi welcomes young children from Milan and other youth from the Lombardy region.

"ZumBimbi" is a play on words: "Zumbini" is the name of the street where the daycare is located, and "Bimbi" means "child" in Italian. ZumBimbi seeks to provide a welcoming space while respecting health and safety recommendations. 

Thanks to donations from organizations like the Artelia Foundation, La Cordata was able to provided tablets to the ZumBimbi project in order to support the children's continued education. The tablets enable the project's employees to accompany the children's morning lessons, and allows volunteers to contribute to online tutoring.

Milan - Italy
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Between April and June 2020

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ZumBimbi: A daycare for children of COVID victims
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Who are we?

La Cordata is a social organization based in Milan. Since 1989, La Cordata has been providing welcome and integration services to tourists, students, workers, families, foreigners, minors and disabled people. The organization's main goal is to support the inclusion and relationship development through its various aid networks, ensuring that everyone has a chance to live with dignity and find their place in society.

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Integration: La Cordata prioritizes the specific needs and resources of each individual and the enhancement of social diversity. Through partnerships between the organization and other economic, social and institutional actors, La Cordata seeks to promote and support rich networks of diverse actors.

Relationships: La Cordata believes that the well-being of individuals and society is based on the mutual recognition of the human need for relationships. Relationships act as the driving force for the the identity development of individuals, organizations and local communities.