Douar El Hamri - Morocco

Financial assistance to support operational costs

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COVID-19 Action

AFEMAC has encountered numerous financial difficulties due to the ongoing health crisis. Because of state mandated lockdowns in France and Morocco, the organization's partners have only been able to maintain minimal operations, leaving AFEMAC to deal with the following consequences:

  • Stay-at-home mandates for many of the association's employees, including the Morocco director
  • Suspension of new and ongoing projects
  • Unplanned expenditures due to lockdown in remote rural enclaves
  • Suspension of plant sales from the organization's garden nurseries. 
  • High risk of garden disturbance due to inability to pay for regular monitoring

The help of the Artelia Foundation's Emergency Fund was thus used to help support the increase in the organization's operational costs during this imposed period of confinement.

Douar El Hamri - Morocco
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Between April and June 2020

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Financial assistance to support operational costs
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AFEMAC operates in France and Morocco. Their goal is to create and support for the creation of solidartity initiatives involving individuals, organizations, institutions, communities, groups and other networks aimed at improving living conditions in the natural environment, the development of sustainable tourism, and cultural exchanges.

The organization's primary interests include:

  • Sustainable development: protection of the environment, transition to a "green" economy, support for fair trade initiatives, local development, advocating for organic agriculture and agro-ecology -- a global agricultural and ethical practice aimed at enhancing the relationship between humans and nature and the preservation of biodiversity. 
  • Human development: fighting poverty and promoting access to basic rights such as education, work, health, autonomous learning, solidarity, and citizenship.
  • Dialogue between cultures, notably through solidarity tourism