Artelia Foundation is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and has demonstrated its ability to adapt! The commitment of our collaborators through solidarity leave to put their professional skills to good use in non-profits projects continues to be an integral part of our philosophy. However, in the face of the health crisis, Artelia Foundation proposes new ways to get involved. 

In 2020, Artelia Foundation provided financial support to nearly thirty associations in difficulty in the context of the global pandemic, working mainly to provide access to necessities and digital equipment. The Group's managers and collaborators were involved in the choice of beneficiary partners in order to strengthen and perpetuate the links. Artelia Foundation has also developed skills based philanthropy for social, humanitarian and environmental projects at the local and regional levels. 

Key events organised by Artelia Foundation throughout the year (collecting donations on Giving Tuesday and clothing for our partner La Cravate Solidaire, collecting litter as part of the TrashTag Challenge) bear witness to the spirit of solidarity and commitment of Group collaborators.  


Jacques Gaillard

Jacques Gaillard
Chairman of the Artelia Foundation

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Jade Becret

Jade Becret
Operating Manager of the Artelia Foundation

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The specific way in which employees get involved is what characterises the Artelia Foundation. In return for the leave time that Group employees donate to an assignment, the Foundation examines, builds and funds the project in conjunction with the partner NGO or association. 



This skills-based voluntary work gives Group employees and retirees a unique opportunity to make their technical and human skills available for social, humanitarian or vocational projects.

The Foundation's philosophy is based on:

  • Reciprocal generosity: in return for donating some of their leave time, employees are able to apply their skills to project assignments
  • Making a lasting difference: the Foundation is concerned to continue following up the associations it supports on a long-term basis.



An initial assignment is often followed by a second one, building a strong and meaningful partnership between the two organisations; 

  • A diverse range of projects: all employees, irrespective of their technical background and interpersonal skills, can get involved in projects supported by the Foundation
  • Increasing support for organisations in France: going abroad to carry out an assignment is not an option for everyone. For this reason, the Artelia Foundation is continuing to grow by stepping up its support for associations based locally and across France
  • A tremendous means of bringing people together: joining forces with colleagues from different subsidiaries and backgrounds always brings fantastic opportunities to get to know new people and learn different ways of working together.