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Solar power plant at Tungri nunnery

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Installation of a solar power plant (7.5 kWh) to compensate for electricity shortages (supplies fluctuate widely during the summer, and a thermal plant provides power for 3 hours per day during the winter).

The solar plant supplies power to the entire nunnery: the main communal building, the kitchens, the accommodation, the school, the sanitary facilities and the cattle shed. It guarantees a stable supply of free electricity. Project proposed by the XXX association, which has been installing solar power plants in the Ladakh region for 12 years.
The plant (panels and batteries) was installed by the supplier (Luminous), based in Leh. The connectors, wires and lamps were installed by Nyamdu-Dro:

  • Purchase of solar panels with a capacity of 7 kWh from Luminous in Leh (handled by Nyamdu-Dro and funded by the Artelia Foundation),
  • Wiring of the entire nunnery (with help from Nyamdu-Dro)
  • Creation of foundations and preparatory work for installation of the solar panels (with help from the Luminous technician),
  • Installation of the batteries (by the Luminous technician, in a room inside the school accommodation building)

Funding was provided by Thigspa and the Artelia Foundation. The works were supervised by Caroline Riegel. Nevertheless, the installation work was not carried out by professionals and I had to go back over a number of details with help from the fitter, Luminous, which had been selected by Nyamdu-Dro at the last minute without any feedback because the usual supplier, Tata, had disappeared from the market. 

This is why Thigspa wishes to ensure the long-term operation of the power plant by having it audited by an expert, Nicolas Jallade, accompanied by Caroline Riegel.

Support for the population and nunneries of Zanskar (education, culture, infrastructure, environment, development, healthcare).

NAME OF PROJET: Solar power plant at Tungri nunnery
LOCATION: Tungri nunnery, Zanskar, India
BENEFICIARY INVOLVEMENT: Availability of electricity round the clock, all year round

All assignment expenses are borne by the Artelia Foundation

Zanskar - India
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Solar power plant at Tungri nunnery
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