Hô Chi Minh Ville - Vietnam

Support for people with disabilities facing COVID-related job loss

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COVID-19 Action

State social distancing mandates were tough on Maison Chance, leading to fewer staff available to care for orphans and handicapped people. In addition, production in the organization's professional studios stalled as fewer orders were placed. As a result, the beneficiaries of Maison Chance were deprived of work and income for the two months of lockdown.

The financial contribution of the Artelia Foundation helped Maison Chance overcome the Covid-19 crisis. The Emergency Fund allowed the organization to provide stable wages to the people with disabilities who learn and work at Maison Chance.

Hô Chi Minh Ville - Vietnam
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Between April and June 2020

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Support for people with disabilities facing COVID-related job loss
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The organization Maison Chance ("Nha May man" / "House of Chance") aims to contribute to the needs and development of foster homes and training centers for underprivileged children in Vietnam. The primary goal of these establishments is to give a home to orphans and handicapped children and to offer them schooling and vocational training.

The organization primarily focuses on two areas of activity:

  • for the benefit of people with disabilities: to give emergency medical first aid, to ensure medical follow-up, to define and implement a program of physical and functional rehabilitation, to accompany their integration into a family and into society,  through artistic expression and professional training ;
  • for the benefit of orphans: to acccompany their integratio into a family and into society, while carrying out an educational curriculum subsequent vocational training programs.


Maison Chance works throughout Vietnam for the benefit of Vietnamese and all other orphans and people with disabilities residing in Vietnamese territory.