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Supporting youth from underprivileged backgrounds

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COVID-19 Action

Under normal circumstances, LP4Y provides vocational training to young adults from underprivileged backgrounds in order to help them develop their professional projects, build self-confidence and acquire professional skills. In light of the COVID crisis and the consequent lockdown measures, many of these young people were sent back home to circumstances where they are unable to meet their basic needs.

LP4Y is committed to finding solutions to provide continued support for these young people during this difficult period. The two solutions that LP4Y has put in place are:

  • Weekly allowances (Life Project Money), to help meet the youths' health and food needs
  • The creation of an e-learning platform specific to LP4Y, which allows for educational continuity during the lockdown period

The artelia Foundation's COVID-19 Emergency Fund helped finance one month of Life Project Money for the youth of the Green Village Calauan during lockdown. The Foundation also contributed to the purchase of 40 digital licenses to allow access to the e-learning platform.

calauan - Philippines
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Supporting youth from underprivileged backgrounds
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Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) is an international movement. Through the development of innovative solutions, the organizations seeks to promote the professional and social integration of young people who come from situations of extreme poverty and social exclusion. The LP4Y Alliance unites all of its local branches around 3 missions:

  • Advocacy on behalf of marginalized youth and young victims of poverty
  • Support for the most underprivileged young people in their professional and social integration through entrepreneurship
  • Encouragement of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in favor of youth inclusion

Since 2009, LP4Y has accompanied 1,250 young people in the Philippines, including 225 at the Green Village Calauan site. This eco-village was initiated in 2013 out of respect for the environment and prioritizing the circular economy. The Green Village serves as a gathering place for youth, the supervising team, and the local community, who have access to the Green Village resources. Every month, the youth organize promotional activities for the community, and all the Green Villages will soon be able to organize events to advocate for environmental protections and the professional integration of young people.