Katmandou - Nepal

Buildings to be redesigned/renovated for orphanages in Nepal

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Diagnosis of the existing situation, building improvement / construction project, estimates, advice, drafting of a report including dimensioned plans to facilitate subsequent grant applications. 

Katmandou - Nepal
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March 2019 (2 weeks)

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Buildings to be redesigned/renovated for orphanages in Nepal
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Support for orphanages in Nepal. Currently, Children's Home (66 girls and babies) Amor Children (34 boys) and Florida International Boarding School (400 kindergarten to high school level) 
Since the end of international adoption in 2008 and the absence of any support from the Nepalese government, several areas of action have been taken: 

  • Sponsoring for daily operations (approximately 100,000 euros per year) 
  • Training of supervisory staff to improve the quality of the life of the babies 
  • Financing of higher education 
  • Technical improvement of the quality of life: drilling, water treatment, sanitation, solar energy,. . . 

POPULATION CONCERNED: 100 Orphans and 30 staff members - 400 students 
INVOLVEMENT OF BENEFICIARIES: On-site support, accommodation and food 
ESTIMATED PROJECT BUDGET: Flights tickets and various costs

Expenses: all the expenses of the mission are covered by the Artelia Foundation