More than a thousand people mobilised for the Trashtag challenge Artelia 2022!

The Artelia Foundation and the Mobility - Environment - Sustainable Development Commission of the Artelia Group organized, on the World Environment Day, the second edition of the TrashTag Challenge, an ecological awareness event through litter collection. 

We would like to thank the 1,000 employees involved around the world (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines, Oman) who actively contributed to making the surroundings of our sites clean. At the end of the event, our teams gathered around a convivial meal. 

This year, the theme of World Environment Day, "One Earth" - echoing the motto of the 1972 Stockholm Conference - calls on humanity to preserve the limited resources of our planet. In this perspective, the Artelia Foundation is supporting SEA Plastics, an association of engineering students involved in the issue of marine pollution. 

Their observation

- 9 million tons of waste are dumped into the oceans each year.
Marine debris fragment and disperse on the surface of the oceans (about 5,000 billion plastic particles are floating on the surface of the seas and oceans today) causing a strong impact on marine biodiversity. 

- In 2050, we will count more plastics (by weight) than fish in the Mediterranean.


Their solution 

- Annual sailing expedition to conduct scientific research (sampling of microplastics on the surface and in the water column, analysis in collaboration with research institutes).
- Raising public awareness (intervention in schools and participation in international and local events, creation of adapted educational materials).


The next SEA Plastics crew will cast off in the spring of 2023 and will then start to fulfill the objectives of its expedition. We invite you to follow the 2022 expedition of these committed students: