Submit to our Call for Projects “Acting to preserve biodiversity and the climate”

Deadline for submission : March 8th, 2024

Since 2006, the Artelia Foundation has been supporting solidarity, humanitarian and  environment projects throughout the world. The Artelia Foundation is well-known for the commitment of Artelia employees and retirees, who contribute with their expertise and professional skills to the various missions of supported charities. The Artelia Foundation supports non-profits organisations working for an ecological, fair and inclusive transition



In 2021, the UN's scientific panels on climate (IPCC) and biodiversity (IPBES) issued a joint report attesting to the importance of protecting biodiversity as part of the fight against climate disruption, in particular through the use of nature-based solutions (NBS), and called for the adoption of integrated management of climate change and biodiversity loss.Climate stability and human well-being depend on healthy ecosystems, which provide many services essential to good living conditions (pollination, water, soil and air quality, etc.).

In this context and convinced of the key role played by public interest actors in meeting these challenges, the Artelia Foundation is launching a call for projects :  “Acting to preserve biodiversity and the climate”. 

This call for projects is part of a climate contribution approach implemented by the Artelia Foundation since 2021.



The call for projects aims to support projects designed to protect nature and living organisms in the fight against climate change. They may include actions such as :

  • Preserving functional ecosystems in good ecological status;
  • Restoring degraded or threatened ecosystems or creating ecosystems; 
  • Improving the resilience of ecosystems; 
  • Improving ecosystem management for sustainable use by human activities; 

These projects may include observation, research, and awareness-raising activities along with concrete, measurable actions in favour of biodiversity and the climate.

Financial support
The call for projects has a total budget of 80,000 euros. Successful projects will be allocated an amount defined by the Artelia Foundation according to the needs and scope of each project, as well as the total number of funded projects. 

Human support

In addition to this financial contribution, Artelia employees will provide support with skills based philantropy or solidarity leave missions. This support will be defined with the project sponsors to best meet their need for expertise.
It may concern the project's own activities (ecology, landscape, etc.), or respond to the project's additionnal needs in engineering fields such as water,  environment, building, civil engineering, infrastructure and energy. 

Particular attention will be paid to:

  • Project justification and context (what societal challenges does the project address?)
  • Integration of the link between biodiversity and climate in the responses provided
  • Ecological indicators used to assess the benefits of actions
  • The means implemented to ensure the project's sustainability (financing, governance, etc.) consideration of socio-economic issues, particularly social vulnerabilities territorial anchoring and sharing of project learnings

Artelia Foundation intends to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations, and more specifically: 



  • Eligibility criterias

The organisation that carries out or sponsors the project must be settled within EU
The organisation must pursue a non-profit goal
The organisation must have more than 12 months of activity
The project must start within one year after its selection 

  • Selection criterias

Technical and financial feasibility of the project
Project methodology
Expected environmental and social impact of the project
Measurability of the project's environmental and social impact
Experience and territorial presence 
Capacity to duplicate



The application form must be filled-in and sent by email to:
with the enclosures asked.