The Artelia Foundation takes action for Ukraine

In March 2022, the Board of Directors of the Artelia Foundation committed to deploying an emergency fund of €50,000 to help the victims of the conflict taking place in Ukraine. An initial financial donation has been made to Banques Alimentaires for the purchase and delivery of foodstuffs and basic necessities for the civilian population in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, as well as for refugees in France. In July 2022, two other organizations close to the victims of the conflict and working in the emergency sector, received financial assistance from the Foundation.

The Aide Médicale et Caritative France-Ukraine (AMCFU) association received a donation to purchase and transport an ambulance to Kharkiv, a town that has been badly hit by the bombing.

In addition, a donation was made to the NGO Solidarités International to support assistance in the field of water and sanitation, as well as hygiene thanks to the distribution of hygiene kits, water bottles and water filters. It also allows for the rehabilitation of infrastructures in areas hosting displaced persons and in transit zones, more particularly in the Oblasts of Lviv, Uman and Dnipro.

Testimony of Dmytro Atamanyuk, President of AMCFU
"Kharkiv, 2nd largest city in Ukraine (North-East)
Bombed almost every day since February 24, its educational system is paying the highest price with 117 schools damaged or completely destroyed. 18 hospitals, including a perinatal center and a children's polyclinic, have been damaged. The ambulance fleet suffered losses. At the request of the Kharkiv City Council, we decided to provide an ambulance equipped according to their needs. On July 7th, we handed over this ambulance to the Mayor of Kharkiv. The purchase of this ambulance was made possible by a financial donation from our partner, the Artelia Foundation. The collective "Solidarité Ambulancière France-Ukraine" (SAFU) offered its support in logistic management. In the field, we are currently evaluating the most urgent needs; the city of Kharkiv is among the priority cities to be visited. Lots of emotions and encounters, many projects for which we hope to mobilize many more donors!
We warmly thank the Artelia Foundation as well as the SAFU collective for their mobilization and their commitment in helping the inhabitants of Kharkiv."


To discover, follow and support the actions of these organizations:
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- Visit the website of AMCFU
- Visit the website of Solidarités International