Hydrogeological investigations to increase access to drinking water

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Assignment requested

  • Perform hydrogeological investigations.
  • Define the exploration methods.

The Zanskar Pishu 2019 project, located in Zanskar (Jammu & Kashmir, in the Indian Himalayas), came about in response to a request from the authorities and inhabitants of Pishu and Kumik villages. The villagers organised two meetings in 2018, during which they explained their problem of climate disruption-related water shortages to Niyamdu-Dro. 

Glacial melting is causing these water shortages, with knock-on effects for crop growing and livestock raising. The situation is already causing climate migration: several villages have been deserted, as their inhabitants moved closer to major watercourses.

Niyamdu-Dro undertook to help the inhabitants find solutions to address this situation. An investigation assignment is therefore essential, in order to fine-tune the actions planned for 2020 and adjust the requisite financial resources. 


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1 July to 16 July 2019

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Hydrogeological investigations to increase access to drinking water
Upload requirements

A hydrogeological assessment must be performed on the two sites in order to select the irrigation systems to be set up. Since the members of Niyamdu-Dro do not have any expertise in this field, they have called on the Foundation Artelia to provide it 
Project dates: 1 July to 16 July. Arriving in and departing from Leh.
A four-day period of altitude acclimatisation is mandatory, since the town of Leh lies at 3500 metres (the lowest altitude of the assignment). 

Helping the people living in high-altitude valleys of the Himalayas with tourist, social, cultural and economic development in their regions while ensuring that their heritage is preserved.

  • BENEFICIARY INVOLVEMENT: local labour (manual work, construction, etc.)
  • ESTIMATED PROJECT BUDGET: to be estimated with the Artelia Foundation – assignment expenses only
  • FINANCIAL PARTNERS: Niyamdu-dro – Himalaya Solaire (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy)

All assignment expenses are borne by the Artelia Foundation